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Brand origin

The LARNMERN brand originated in the state of Minnesota, which is rich in iron ore. In 1972, the development of urbanization and the urgent demand for steel in the military shipbuilding industry increased the work intensity of workers. On the afternoon of September 15, the 65-year-old shoemaker LARRY MOEN is chatting with iron ore middle management friend SYED ALAM. SYED ALAM complains that workers' work shoes are too poorly protected. There are many work injuries and the construction progress is slow. I hope LARRY MOEN can help them improve. LARRY MOEN has 45 years of experience. Experience in shoemaking, upgrade the material of the protective steel head and reshape the shoe last.

A month later, LARNMERN's first safety shoes with better protection performance were born. In the next 45 years, after two generations of LARRY family, the company has grown from the original hand workshop to the products exported to more than ten countries around the world. Multinational corporations.

Entered the Chinese market in 2015 and set up an office in Hong Kong. The high standard of protection performance meets a variety of demanding construction environments and is widely recognized by consumers.

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